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Holiday Hazards

Holiday Hazards

Now that December has arrived and the holiday season is quickly approaching, we need to recognize the potential hazards to our pets. Christmas decorations can pose a threat to animals if they are left unsupervised. Tinsel and curling ribbon are attractive to cats and can cause a life-threatening intestinal obstruction if swallowed. It is also important to make sure that small tree ornaments and lit candles are kept out of reach. Poinsettia plants are known to cause stomach upset in both dogs and cats, and mistletoe and holiday lilies are toxic.

Another big component of the holidays is the food that we consume. Certain foods such as ham, baked goods, chocolate, and dark meat poultry can cause stomach upset or pancreatitis. Do not let your pets chew on chicken or turkey bones as they can easily be swallowed and lead to throat irritation or become stuck in the stomach. Advise guests in your home not to feed your pets any table scraps. Consider crating or isolating your animals to a small room during a party so they do not become too anxious or ingest any food that may make them ill.

Follow these tips for a stress-free holiday season for you and your pets. Happy Holidays from Hamilton Vet!

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