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Is Your Pet's Rabies Vaccine Current?

Is Your Pet’s Rabies Vaccine Current?

By Dr. Mary Moon VMD


cute_dog_photo_picture_6_168844.jpgThis month I examined pets from two different owners that had bit wounds of unknown origin. While the wounds will heal with proper medical care, their #Rabies vaccines were both expired.

These pets now need to be #quarantined and observed for signs of neurologic disease. It is important to keep your pet’s Rabies vaccination up-to-date to protect your pet and your family. All pets that go outside are at risk, and even indoor pets such as cat can be exposed if a bat get into the house.

If you take pets to a free Rabies vaccination clinic, please be sure to inform us so that we may update your pet’s records. To check on your pets vaccine status you can call us, or log into our pet portal to see your pets vaccines are up-to-date.

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