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Pets Taveling Outside the United States

Pets Traveling Outside the United States

By Dr. Mary Moon VMD

More and more we are seeing clients requesting paper work for pets being shipped overseas. The requirements vary for each destination country; and the timing of the visit, rabies vaccination and/or titer, micro-chipping and parasite control differs for each. We are seeing pets being shipped to Central and South America, Eastern Europe, the UK and Australia.

The USDA office in Robbinsville, NJ should be contacted before considering taking or shipping a pet overseas. Alternatively, you can contact the embassy for said country here in the US for requirements. The website for the USDA is http://www.aphis.usda.gov/regulations/vs/iregs/animals/ and it has information needed in order to schedule your appointment (s) appropriately.

Airlines also have requirements regarding shipping, crate size, vaccine certificates, etc. Some airlines are frowning on sedation if the pet is to be shipped in the cargo area. Be sure to also contact your airlines.

The upshot of this blog is please don’t wait to schedule your pet’s exam the day before you leave for your destination. You may be disappointed and be unable to take your beloved companion.

Please call us at the office if we can be of any assistance in your planning.

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