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January 18 to January 30, 2016

Hamilton Veterinary Hospital

Parasite Promo

Intestinal parasites are nasty, crawling organisms inside your pet’s intestines. Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms and Giardia can cause severe illness in your pets, and some can infect humans.  Most worms shed eggs once every 2-3 weeks, if not longer. These eggs can be difficult to pick up in a routine fecal, which is why we request a fecal each time you bring your pet for a checkup. 

Starting on Monday January 18, 2016 to Saturday January 30, 2016 we are offering a special procedure that will detect the adult worms by an antigen test. The special price for this two week promo is $10.00. You may stop by and pick up a special container for your pet’s stool sample (poop) or you may drop off the sample at our hospital. The results may take up to 2 days, and we will call you with the results. If the sample is positive for a parasite, one of our doctors will call you with the results and with recommendations for treating your pet at additional charge for the prescribed medication.

Any questions, please feel free to call us to discuss the promo and cost.

Rules are as follows: 1) All samples must be as fresh as possible 2) Sample must be paid for prior to submitting for testing and 3) Any treatment for parasites will be done at additional charge.


Click on Snoopy to download promo.

April Special 2016

When it comes to getting your pet dog in for a check up, all you have to do is get the leash and away you go to the vet. Getting your cat into the vet is a whole new ball game. Most owners know when their dog is sick-they become slow, show lack of interest in playing, may vomit or have runny stools. They also may show no interest in eating or drinking. Now cats on the other hand usually hide under furniture or in closets. They may void in an area that may take a while to find. Cats are great at hiding illness since they have a tendency of just laying around. Therefore, diagnosing an illness early before it goes to far may be difficult.

Cats that are obese are four times more likely to develop diabetes mellitus, twice as likely to suffer non-allergic skin conditions, and are at risk for the liver disease hepatic lipidosis. These conditions come on so slowly that most owners don't realize there is something wrong. By the time problems are noticable, it may be impossible to reverse.We understand cats are not easy to get into carriers, so to help our clients with transportation of their cats please go to this link to learn how to make your carrier cat friendly. Also, visit Hamilton Veterianry Hospital and ask about a free sample of Feliway wipes.


Our April special consist of a coupon for $20.00 off an office visit for a cat new to the hospital and or has not seen in the last year. A free Feliway wipe for your pet carrier that you can pick up at our hospital prior to your visit. Also, you will receive 1 free dose of Frontline for each cat seen. You must present the coupon at the time of check-in to receive discount. Please print this flyer and cut the out coupon below. 

Dental Promo

 February 1 to February 29, 2016 

Dental month is here and we are offering free Technician Dental Exams. With this exam, our qualified technicians will go over proper care of your pet’s teeth. With the exam, you will get a complimentary Dental kit to help keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. If the technician finds dental disease, they will be happy to give you an estimate on dental cleaning. If there is severe dental disease, our staff doctors will be happy to check your pet’s teeth and give you a estimate for dental cleaning and/or other procedures such as root extraction or tooth extraction. Along with the exam, we are offering a coupon for $50.00 off the dental procedure. Click on and print coupon below.


New Product for Dental Month for Both Dog and Cat