• "The doctors and staff are wonderful! They are very thorough and explain everything to make the owner comfortable about what is being done and will be done for their pet! My dogs love going to the vet!!"
    7/2/16 GH
  • "We are long time users of Hamilton Vets. Our pets have always been well taken care of. We love Hamilton Vets."
    7/2/16 BH
  • "I am 100% satisfied with Hamilton Veterinary. I just brought Randy in for a blood glucose and fructosamine test and Doctor Emma came out and gave me the results of the blood glucose. The next morning at about 9:00 AM, Doctor Passmore who has primarily been caring for him during this six-month bout with diabetes called with the fructosamine results and explained what she would like to do to go on. By the way, he is improving!! How can we improve or what are we doing well.
    I honestly don't know. I am more impressed with you than any my own doctors."
    6/30/16 RF
  • "I was early and taken in right away - there was no wait at all, which is wonderful! I always worry about when to arrive because of the time it takes to get 2 cats into a carrier, but it never seems to matter if I'm too early - you are always ready for me! I love how much you all love animals. The doctors and the techs take great care of my boys, and I love that you are patient with me as I answer questions. After 5 years of being a "new pet mom" I still have questions, and you take the time to answer every one of them. I really appreciate that."
    JS 6/27/16
  • "I've been going for to Hamilton Vet for about a year now and I like how friendly and caring everyone is about my dog. I also like that they don't make me wait too long and take me when my appointment time is scheduled. My dog had a serious problem with itching. You provided a pill that helps her so much. It was like a miracle pill and you always tried to have it available for her even when there was a shortage because you knew how bad her problem was. You gave me good advice on a good shampoo for her too. i thank you for making her life bearable with her itching problem and she is so much happier. I find Hamilton Vet to be much more reasonable in price for my dog's visits."
    DG 6/27/16
  • "Always cheerful, pleasant and helpful."
    CW 5/12/16
  • "Everyone is like family there. You treat us great. I would tell other people to come there."
    BEW 5/12/16
  • "No improvement necessary! Great and friendly staff, knowledgeable doctors and all around great vet office."
    04/02/16 SF
  • "We are thoroughly satisfied with the staff and facility! The care, concern, and gentle handling of our dog Bailey makes it such a positive experience especially since Bailey can be easily excitable with being handled. We are thankful and appreciative to all at the Hamilton Vet Hospital!"
    BK 3/20/16
  • "We love Hamilton Vet! The staff is always pleasant and helpful. The doctors are patient and thorough with examinations and don't rush you out! Thanks for being there for our pets and us."
    J & B C 11/2/15
  • "I am always accommodated when I call for an appointment as it is usually for a sick pet. I am always greeted with a friendly warm smile as unfortunately I am there too often."
    KM 10/29/15
  • "We love coming to you and Cindy loves coming also. Everyone is friendly, helpful and professional. We love your team."
    L&J A. 10/22/15
  • "Kind and caring staff! Efficient checkout process!"
    M&D S 10/04/15
  • "Dr. Moon is wonderful!"
    LH 10/02/15
  • "We travel 45 mins to 1 hour to come because we like and have trust in you."
    J&C B 9/27/15
  • "I have been bringing my dogs to HVH since the late 70's. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else! Feel like we are part of a family. Keep up the good work! A big THANKS to all!"
    LD 9/26/15
  • "Everyone is always very inviting and welcoming, making my pet feel special every time. I specially appreciate Dr. Moon and Dr. Emma, as they are always there to answer any questions I have and are very open-minded."
    SV 9/27/15
  • "This was our first visit with Dr. Emma. She was very nice, personable, and interacted great with our puppy. The vet techs, as always, were very sweet and affectionate towards our puppy. Going to Ham Vet doesn't feel like a medical visit most times (unless it's a serious issue), it feels like family. We are always treated so well by everyone. You're doing it ALL right. Thanks for the great service you provide. I recommend Ham Vet to everyone."
    RS 9/25/15
  • "The practice and the team are always clean, organized, and professional. The staff is always friendly, professional and extremely efficient. The doctors are extremely competent and I trust them to take care of my pets. The doctors, healthcare team and front office staff at Hamilton Veterinary Hospital are the BEST!!!!! and I'm grateful for their competent, kind, and caring attention they give my pets. Thank You!"
    DD 9/20/15
  • "It's refreshing to have staff that remember us and take care of us and are friendly; makes us feel like we are valued and not just another customer. What I love is the doctors and attendants will take the time and answer any questions we have and they have a genuine interest in making sure we understand what's going on."
    J&R S 9/16/15
  • "I have nothing negative to say about Hamilton Vet. I've taken my pets there for years. I trust the doctors and staff, and they always treat me and my beloved four legged children with courtesy and kindness. I've never had a problem getting an appointment, even during an emergency."
    B&G P. 9/11/15
  • "Friendly, professional, caring. Wish I could find a family MDs office that is as great as your office for our pets."
    K&B H. 9/11/15
  • "Dr. Moon and staff are wonderful and always take such good care of my Bruno! Dr. Moon has come to his rescue many times!"
    FV 9/10/15
  • "Change nothing. The care you give your patients is off the charts."
    KC 9/6/15
  • "Very happy with the staff. They treated us very kindly. So glad you were able to accommodate my pet."
    Anonymous. 8/22/15
  • "Dr. Moon comes out to the van to give Violet her booster shots because she is such a handful around strangers & other dogs. This helps to relieve the stress of an office visit for the humans and dog in this family! It gives us great peace of mind to know our dog is well cared for by a compassionate Doctor."
    MM 8/20/15
  • "Your keeping everything in good shape and your doing everything well. Everyone took very good care of us, I have no complaints."
    WD 8/19/15
  • "Love Hamilton Veterinary Hospital....kind, caring and always friendly! Thank you!"
    D&N W 8/7/15
  • "Came in as, new patient. We were very pleased and satisfied. Left feeling very confident."
    TZ 8/7/15
  • "Dr. Emma and the staff is always so warm and courteous... Couldn't ask for better care for my critters. Excellent service, nothing to improve."
    FS 8/2/15
  • "Snicker loves coming to the clinic! The staff is always smiling and the Drs are always caring, gentle and very professional."
    MP 7/27/15
  • "I don't know how you keep it so clean with so much traffic but you are doing a great job! Cheerful staff related well to pets and owners, a pleasure to do business with you! The techs, office staff and doctors are all individually really nice, competent people who make a great team!"
    LM 7/23/15
  • "Love your Dr’s and staff. Office waiting room is cramped. Not much I guess you can do about that though. Dr. Passmore is my favorite vet for my cats."
    K&J M 7/20/15
  • "Very clean and well organized."
    DB 7/20/15
  • "Actually the only thing to improve on is if somehow the waiting room could be bigger. The front staff is great and Dr. Emma as always is just great with my dogs."
    JA 7/19/15
  • "Wonderful veterinary practice- the care and compassion for pet and owner is caring. My pets are in good hands."
    GH 7/12/15
  • "Keep doing what you are doing! I always feel comfortable and welcomed when I come in! With two dogs the cost is very high for good care and I know that I am given the best care here!"
    GK 7/9/15
  • "Dr. Emma was awesome. We had a lot of questions in regard to my new puppy."
    BB 7/9/15
  • "Ii have already recommended the practice to 2 of your current clients. I would be treated here if I could."
    D&V F/B 6/27/15
  • "Love everything about your office. Thank you so much for getting Murphy in so quickly. Staff is awesome!"
    BR 6/22/15
  • "The care and attention my pets receive at Hamilton Veterinary Hospital is the very best. Everyone is always friendly and genuinely cares about both my pets and their owners. Keep up the excellent work!"
    K&C S 6/21/15
  • "I think you are all wonderful, caring and compassionate. That's more important to me than upscale landscaping or a shiny new building."
    A&S S 6/15/15
  • "I highly appreciate letting me know what the price of everything is before treating my pet. All the doctors are very nice and understand people's situations well. As well as only giving tests that are absolutely necessary. My cat was feeling better within only a few hours after her visit."
    BB 6/12/15
  • "As a long time client and frequent flyer I am always accommodated. The staff is great!!"
    KM 6/4/15

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