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UPDATE: May 28, 2015

We are not accepting new exotic patients at this time. Please call us for referral at 609-888-3400.

EXOTIC PET CARE by Dr. Jennifer Fanders

Services include grooming for current clients, health exams, blood work, dental care, surgery, hospitalization and emergency services.  (see below for more information)

Hamilton Veterinary Hospital  has the ability to treat and care for a variety of exotic species: birds (finches & canaries, parrots & backyard chickens, ducks and geese), rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, flying squirrels, smaller rodents (rats, gerbils, hamsters, mice) and reptiles (snakes, lizards & turtles/tortoises).

Our exotic pet vet, Dr. Fanders, has over 15 years of veterinarian experience caring for exotic species. Her advanced training in exotic animal medicine makes her uniquely qualified to offer wellness, geriatric, diagnostic, surgical and critical care for avian and exotic pets.

Unfortunately, many bird and exotic animal owners only think about taking their pet to the veterinarian when it is sick.  Unlike dogs and cats, many species of birds and exotic animals HIDE their illness until they are simply so sick that they are unable to hide it any longer.  This behavior is due to the fact that many of these animals are prey species in the wild, and in the wild they must hide their symptoms or they simply would not survive.

If your bird or exotic pet is actually showing signs of illness, chances are it is VERY ill.  At Hamilton Vet Hospital, we understand and we are well prepared to deal with these kinds of very delicate, emergent situations.

We encourage all bird and exotic pet owners to bring their animals in for a well pet visit at least once a year.  We stress preventative medicine, including proper diet and husbandry.  We want to ensure that your pet lives the longest, healthiest life it possibly can!


Preventative care and healthy examinations – We spend a large portion of an initial examination teaching you about the most appropriate food, housing, temperature, light, vaccinations, etc. that your exotic pet needs in order to have the best chance at staying healthy.

Post-purchase examinations – Get started on the right foot!  Bring your new pet in for an initial health check.  If this is a new species for your family, we’d love to have all family members and care takers included at this visit.  Unlike many hospitals which seem to rush through appointments, we take the time to teach you all about proper handling and husbandry.  We will answer all of your questions and you will leave with a good understanding of how to help your new pet live its best life possible.  

Geriatric care – Older animals have special needs.  We recommend twice yearly healthy examinations for elderly exotic pets to help identify and treat developing health problems early.

Grooming – We perform grooming services such as nail and corrective beak trimming.  We also provide mammal grooming; nail trims and minor matt removal. Please inquire if you have a nervous animal or severe matting that may require light sedation. All exotic animals must have had a recent examination (within the last year with no health changes) by a veterinarian at our facility.  The reason that we require the veterinary examination is because the stress of even simple grooming can be deadly for unhealthy birds or exotic animals. Once your animal has passed a health examination, you can generally return for grooming procedures for up to one year without needing another health examination.

Diagnostic services for illness – We have an in-house laboratory which allows us to perform comprehensive blood testing for small mammals.  We utilize a specialized laboratory for our avian and reptilian patients for the most accurate results. We also have state-of-the-art digital radiology.  This means that if your pet has an x-ray taken here, you will be able to take a CD of the images home with you.  

Surgery – Our facility has a surgical suite, providing comprehensive surgical care with state-of-the-art surgical monitoring (including electrocardiography and blood pressure monitoring)  We perform spays and neuters to more complicated procedures.

Dental care – Dental problems in rabbits, rodents, and ferrets are more prevalent that you would imagine!  We have specially designed dental equipment to surgically treat impacted and abscessed teeth.  We believe in keeping your pet as pain free as possible while in our care.  We monitor your pet closely and have special training to be able to determine whether your pet is experiencing pain. 

Other services – Hamilton Vet Hospital also offers DNA sexing and microchipping.

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