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Pet Laser Therapy

A non-invasive holistic treatment.

We offer veterinary laser therapy for dogs. Laser therapy is a non-invasive holistic treatment used to speed up the body's natural healing process and relieve pain. It’s a great option for post-op dogs, older dogs, and dogs living with chronic conditions like arthritis.

How does pet laser therapy work?

Laser therapy uses deep penetrating beams of the light to alter cells and the tissue that surrounds them. When the light penetrates the body’s cellular components, it stimulates the targeted cells and promotes healing. Perhaps most importantly, though, laser therapy is entirely painless.

Whether your dog is struggling with post-surgical pain or they’re simply getting older, laser therapy can help them live their very best life. Treatments are relatively quick and can be easily integrated with traditional medical procedures and other holistic practices like acupuncture, reiki, and hydrotherapy.

Companion Therapy Laser

Companion Therapy Laser Medical Animation

Improved Patient Outcomes

Clinical studies and real-world use over several decades have proven that laser therapy alleviates pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, stimulates nerve regeneration and cells involved in tissue repair.

Deep, soothing laser therapy provides a drug-free option for enhanced patient care.

→ Effective relief of pain, inflammation, and swelling

→ Extremely well tolerated by pets

→ No known side effects

→ May decrease the need for surgery and medications

→ Reduces healing time

→ Requires no sedation or clipping

→ Quick to administer (approximately 3 to 6 minutes per site)

→ Allows pet owners to be present and feel that they are participating in the healing process Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)

Other areas where Laser Therapy has shown excellant results in reducing pain, swelling and infection include:

  • Ear infections
  • Muscle, Ligament and Tendon Injuries
  • Sprains and Strain
  • Ulcerations and Open Wounds
  • Post Surgical and Soft Tissue Trauma
  • Back Pain
  • Neuromuscular disease

Proven Results

If you think laser therapy could improve your dog’s quality of life, give us a call at (609) 888-3400 to schedule a consultation.

Laser Therapy for Dogs